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Sunday, 26 June 2016

National Armed Forced Day

The School was represented excellently by our School Council and Eco-Committee members from year 4 and 5 this week at the National Armed Forces Day flag ceremony in Beddau.
Representing the school were Pati, Bradley, Iola and Oliver who joined with pupils from other schools in the area to show our respect for the soldiers who have protected our country in the past and those who continue to protect our country today. It was a good chance for the children to meet some veterans and talk to them about their medals and what they used to do.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Clean Up Day

Thank you to all the parents and children who came to help us tidy our school last week. We planted some lovely flowers and had a good clean up.

 Riley and Jack from Reception helped to lay some fresh bark in the garden and dig up some weeds.

 The Year Four boys helped us to carry the compost so that we could re- fill all the plant pots in the Foundation Phase playground.
 Miss Lane put some compost in the tyres ready to plant some potatoes with Nursery and Year One.
 Mrs Doyle gave us lots of flowers to put around the school. Riley's' mum and Kazer's mum helped to plant the flowers at the front of the school and in the playground.
Thank you to the PTA who provided the compost, bark chippings and flowers for around the school.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Morfa Bay

i am delighted to say that Year 6 are having an awesome time at Morfa Bay. We are just about to embark on our final activity-down the beach!
They have been an absolute pleasure- a credit to themselves.
See you all later and hopefully I will be able to upload some photos onto here when we get back to school.
Mrs B

Friday, 29 April 2016

Eco-School Award

Congratulations to all the pupils on the Eco-Committee both this year and last year who have helped the School to achieve the third renewal of our Eco-School Platinum award flag!
We are one of very few Schools to have got this far in the project and the continued work we do in the outdoor environment, the garden, the woodland and pond as well as helping out in our local area and community helped us to achieve this excellent award.

Well done to everyone involved!

National Test week

Next week (Tuesday 3rd May - Friday 6th May) is the Welsh National test week for pupils in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. The pupils will sit three National tests on Reading, Procedural Numeracy and Reasoning Numeracy. It is very important that the pupils are in School on time during this week. Any pupils who are absent during this week will still have to sit the tests at another time.
Thank you for your continued co-operation.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Mari Griffiths BBC Radio 2 500 Words !!

Mari Griffiths  BBC Radio 2 500 Words 
Congratulations! 'The Boy' by Mari Griffiths Year 6 is through to the next stage of 500 WORDS!
 They received  over 123,400 entries and this story has been picked - as one of just 4,500 - to go to the Reading Agency for the second round of judging.

Well done and good luck! We will know in early May to let you know if The Boy has been shortlisted for the Final 50.

Here is Mari's Amazing  Story 

The Boy
 A young boy , sat among the debris,  face cupped  in his hands. A shiver went down his spine. He stumbled weakly to his feet , glimpsed at his mud crusted, shaking hands. He stode across the burnt floorboards and collapsed ceilings  and  walked purposefully towards the foyer.
  He knew he was responsible for what had happened. He had tried reciting a calm meditation in his head, when one of them said something heartless about his mother; flames of anger seared up  beneath his skin . He had collapsed to the ground, weak, his energy spent, due to the explosion.
  Having regained his vitality, he was  now breathing in a controlled, calm manner. He turned his head to see a, tall, blonde, frightened woman,  speaking into a telephone. She caught sight of him and retreated. slamming the door behind her.
  He reached the doorway to see an officer emerging from the police car. He looked the boy up and down but let him pass without a word.
  He jogged to the bicycle racks, and mounted his  bike . He glanced over his shoulder to see the teacher scurrying towards the officer, anxiety etched all over her face. He cycled for his life towards the forest.
   As he trampled across the dark, dingy forest floor , leaves and twigs crunched beneath his feet. He peered cautiously over his shoulder, and noticed a blazing, radiant light, spotting the dark night like a single star. However, this ‘star’ was not in the sky, it was tailing him! Torchlight! He sped up, feeling a surge of adrenaline . They were  closing in on him. His identity had blown.
  As he dodged from tree to tree, the light overwhelmed him. He was  surrounded ! He heard  muffled sirens on the highway, the high pitched squeak of vans rumbling across the forest floor. Snipers and rifles were upon him. Dogs barked aggressively. He cowered in terror! He was outnumbered.
  His intention was never to hurt people. He suddenly began to feel incredibly hot. He clenched his knees, helpless at his raging inner warmth.
  Suddenly, a tornado-like vortex exploded around him, he scrambled to his feet.The  flashlight went out.
  Frantically, he ran through the forest, then stopped to rest by  a lake. He cupped the freshwater in his palms and swilled  his dirty, sweaty face. He crouched, hovering over the water and glimpsed at his rippling reflection..
  He made his way towards the station,through the torrential rain. A gust of wind blew a million droplets of rain across his face.  The train pulled in, and he boarded with a sigh.
   As he searched for  a free seat, he heard weeping. He scanned the carriage and recognized a middle-aged woman walking towards him. His mother! He  flung his arms around her delicate, small body. He, too, began to cry. He felt his mother’s warm salty tears drop onto his chestnut brown hair, he thought, the horror was over, and he was safe. For now…

By Mari Griffiths.